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WG 288™ Warthog® Centralizer

For 420mm-560mm ID Pipes with Elbows

Centering devices provide several benefits when cleaning large diameter pipes. They improve cleaning by maintaining consistent jet standoff, increase safety by preventing tool turn around, and reduce wear on the sewer nozzle.
Our new 8-wheel centralizer is designed to quickly adapt our standard WG-1™ sewer nozzle to clean pipes and culverts up to 560mm.

  This new centralizer has adjustable steel legs with tough plastic wheels and has been designed with a short wheel base to easily negotiate pipes with bends. Simply replace the head, add extension arms with 1/4″ NPT Attack Tip™ nozzles, and thread directly to the WG 288™ centralizer.

        •Keeps tool centered in pipe
        •Reduces wear on the tool
        •Provides standoff for jets

WG 288-S-P16™ Specifications

Pipe ID Range  420-560 mm

Weight              8.9 kg