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Warthog ® WS-1/2™


 • 102-204 mm
 • Up to (275 bar
 • Flows 30-76 l/min
 • 3 Models Available

US Pat. No. 5,964,414
Cleaning 102mm-204mm Lines
The WS-1/2™ is designed to clean 102mm-204mm lines and is most commonly used with Trailer jetters.
Operators use these tools to clean lines in restaurants, hospitals, multi-story apartment buildings, residential, and other applications. Effectively removes grease, cuts roots and clears ice and soil blockages. 1/2™ BSPP inlet option also available.

Jointed Inlet Models
These jointed options allow the inlet hose to bend to the side which shortens the rigid length of the tool and makes access into clean outs and limited access applications much easier. Inlet ports for this model are available in either a 1/2™ NPT or BSPP.

Optional P8 Inlet
The WS-P8™ is an excellent option for straight pipes. It eliminates the whip hose and allows you to connect your hose directly to the tool. It is available with a female 1/2™ npt or BSPP connection. Note: In this configuration 4™ 90˚ bends are no longer negotiable.

Maintenance Manuals
Warthog® WS-1/2™ - View PDF
WS-1/2™ Specifications
Max. Pressure 275 bar
Operating Pressure 100-275 bar
Rotation Speed 200-500 rpm
Flow Capacity 30-76 l/min
Flow Rating 1.3 Cv
Pulling Force 40-120 Nm
Inlet Port 1/2 NPT & BSPP
Tool Diameter 48 mm
Length 112 mm
Ports 3 x 1/8 NPT
Weight Complete 1.33 kg