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Introducing Grease Release
A Sewer Line Degreasing Agent
Grease Release is a unique blend of surfactants that penetrates and softens grease
Grease Release emulsifies grease so that it can't re-adhere to pipe surfaces eliminating future problems
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  • Reduces grease build up
  • Returns sewers to free flowing condition
  • Reduces odours
Grease Release

Material Safety Data Sheet

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What are the Benefits of using Grease Release
  • Leaves a light coating to repel future grease build-up
  • Prevents and reduces stoppages and back ups
  • Reduces maintenance time and expense
  • Reduces stagnation caused by grease
  • Helps flow control problems
  • Reduces odours


The Application Process
The process is to first pressure jet the line MH to MH to clear any debris. The hose is then retrieved at a specific rate depending on the size of the pipe while the Grease Release chemical is applied. The Grease Release is left in the line for a specific period depending on the pipe size (up to 15 minutes). The line is then re jetted to remove the liquefied grease. The grease will not resolidify but will continue to travel down the line to the treatment plant. These two photos demonstrate the effectiveness of Grease Release to penetrate and break down grease.

After Jetting with Water Only After Jetting with Grease Release

375 mm Sewer Main choked with grease (above left) causing several overflows into the Bendigo Jockey Club Members Reserve. 
Jetted several times by the authority without success. 
RSP Environmental Services applied Grease Release to remove the grease build up (above right)
with the result of no further overflows