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Hydro Excavation Equipment

Tornado 1000 Hydro Excavation skid or Trailer

The Tornado hydro unit is ideal for mounting on your light truck or can be supplied as a trailer mounted unit.
An Ideal Machine for
• Hydro Excavation. High pressure water and a powerful vacuum make short work of tough jobs.
• Potholing test holes to locate underground utilities quickly and safely.
• Key holing (also known as utility microsurgery).
• Slot Trenching (narrow trenches for utility installation).
• Vacuum Excavation. A powerful vacuum quickly cleans up a wide variety of spoil.
• Catch basin, collection/sediment pit, storm drain, and valve box clean up.
• Drilling fluid and mud clean up.
• Optional sewer Jetting, clear clogged sewer lines up to 150mm.
• Construction site clean up.
• Environmental clean up. Everything from flooded basements, car washing pits to sewer and oil spoils.

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• Gardner Denver 4L lobe type blower rated at
• 480cfm@4”Hg @3100rpm 5hp consumed
• 400cfm@8”Hg @3100rpm 9hp consumed
• 360cfm@14”Hg @3100rpm 19hp consumed
• Vacuum relief unloader valve
• Large silencer muffler
• 1000 litre spoil tank.
• Single lift ram for tipping the tank
• Hydraulic rear opening door
• 100mm brass gate valve on rear door for vacuum loading
• 150mm brass gate valve on rear door for liquid discharge
• 120 mm site glass
• Manual rear door locking system with single handle
• 2 off 8 metres x 75mm suction hose

• 5 Micron washable filter suitable for wet or dry vacuum loading
• Cyclone separator with collection box

Water system
• Italia made Comet high pressure water pump
• Operating at22.5lpm@4000 PSI.
• 400 litre jetting water tank with 65mm drain valve
• 50mm Cam lock fill point
• Low water engine shut-off.
• Lockable hose reel with 25 metres of 3/8 HP hose
• Wash down gun.
• 2 water lances with turbo nozzles.
• 2 metre stainless steel vacuum tube
• 65mmstainless steel vacuum gauge.
• 50 HP water cooled Cat Diesel engine
• Operating up to @2850 rpm
• Lockable sound attenuated enclosure
• 100 litre diesel tank
• Watch dog for low oil, high temp and water temp
• 12 Volt Battery.

• Work light                       • Beacon light
• Fuel gauge                      • E stop
• Skid mount unit weight 1,900kg

Trailer Option
Designed specifically to carry the
Tornado 1000 unit and features;

• 4000 Kg rated trailer
• LED lights
• 75mm ball or 50mm ball/pintle hook
• Heavy duty Jockey wheel
• Unit mounted on heavy duty frame trailer
• Two 2000kg rated trailer axles with electric brakes
• Electric break away system
• Aluminium mudguards
• Rubber mudflaps
• Ring feeder hitch rated at 6500kg
• White “Sunraysia” wheels with new light truck tyres
Drain cleaning Package
• Hose reel on a two wheel trolley with 60 metres of Ό” hose (100m optional)
• Nozzle box with 2 penetrator jetting nozzles

Drain cleaning options
• Warthog WT controlled rotation nozzle
• Warthog WV nozzle
• 15 metre 1/8 whip hose with nozzle


Potholing Excavator Tool Option
Faster Easier Cleaner Safer Better!

Simply stated, the Potholing Excavator is more efficient than any other hydro excavation method. This patented tool uses a high quality, rotating nozzle to shoot 4000 psi water into the earth while a powerful vacuum simultaneously removes the spoil.
This vacuum excavation process makes underground utility locating faster and easier than ever before. It will turn your Tornado into an even bigger cost saving tool with one man operation. That one man can get the job done fast, potholing a 1200mm deep hole in about a minute.

Easy to use. Simply connect the tool to the machine’s vacuum hose and high pressure water line, place the excavating end of the potholing tool directly on the ground, pull the trigger and watch the tool burrow into the earth.

Safe to use. The high pressure water spray and spoil are immediately pulled into the collection tank. Used correctly, the spray does not compromise electrical line or fibre optic line casing because the water nozzle is always at a fixed distance to the utility.

The potholing excavator cuts through grass and turf, so there’s no need to use a shovel to get started.