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Huntington Beach   Huntington Beach   Huntington Beach
Check out the 2 High Pressure Plugs in 2100mm Pipe supplied
by Plug It Products.
The face of these plugs are 3/4" steel.
Project is in Huntington Beach. We work under pressure!   more>>
Huntington Beach   Huntington Beach This large custom designed plug has been built for use in the pipe ramming process. This plug is designed to be inserted inside the pipe ramming plug and stop drilling mud & water from entering the pipe during the pipe ramming process. This type of plug has been suppled for use in 900, 1600 & 1800 diameter pipe. Drainchem can help you with all of your pipe ramming plug needs contact the team today.  more>>
This is a picture of a Joint Tester that can vacuum test the joints in V bottom box culvert pipe (4 sided) used for one of our current projects.
It rolls from joint to joint, when centered on the joint, the two end bladders are inflated, and a vacuum is applied to the space between the bladders and the joint.  more>>
This is a picture of a 400-6072-F flow diverter, with the bell end of 48" pipe attached.  This was placed in the 72" outfall pipe, and 200ft of 48" pipe was connected to the bell end to convey the waste water to another pond during construction of a new structure. We were able to eliminate the need for expensive surface pumping. The Pump Companies bidding for the work were not happy!  more>>