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Warthog Nozzles

Warthog Nozzles Remove Sediment and Cut Through Grease and Blockages

Drainchem carries a full range of warthog nozzles to meet all your hydro-jetting needs. Our range includes the modified Waterhog WGR Magnum Series. These warthog sewer nozzles bring together 30 years of engineering in one new tool to handle some of the roughest sewer cleaning applications in the world. The nozzles are specifically adapted for the Australian plumbing environment, which requires the filtering of recycled water.

What You Should Know About Warthog Sewer Nozzles

To get the most use out of your Warthog sewer nozzle, proper maintenance is essential. Here are some maintenance tips for checking the nozzle and determining whether it requires replacement.

About Drainchem

Drainchem is a leading supplier of testing equipment and drainpipe maintenance, as well as the drain construction, repair, testing, and cleaning industry. We have extensive experience in this niche industry. Since founding the company in 1995, we have supported numerous contractors in a variety of projects.

Drainchem can service and supply all locations around Australia. We carry an extensive range of stock online to ensure fast and reliable service and delivery. We can source special order items not in stock quickly to service your needs.

Warthog nozzles are some of the most popular tools in the industry and are especially useful to plumbers and contractors who are involved in the preparation of lining or rehab work. If you keep your Warthog sewer nozzle at full performance, it will prove to be a valuable companion to your pressure hoses and other equipment. Video tutorials detailing the specifications of different products are available here.

Set your plumbing business apart with Warthog nozzles from Drainchem. Not only will we help you find the right products for all your business needs, but we will also be on hand to assist with any maintenance related queries you may have. Drainchem stocks the whole line of Warthog nozzles as