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Inflation Ropes/Hoses with Ryco fittings
Product Code   Length      

119 125 06R   6m
119 125 10R   10m
119 125 15R   15m
1/4" Inflation Hose
w/ Monitoring Gauge
including Ball Valve
High Pressure
1/4" Inflation Hose
w/ Monitoring Gauge

Inflation hoses can be customised to suit requirements.
Modifications include length, pressure ratings of inflation hoses and gauges,
and also the type of fittings attached to the hose.

Hose assembly has 1000kg hollow rope with lockable SS Karabiners each end of the rope.
Inside the rope is 200psi inflation hose.
Plug end has a female quick connect to suit your plug.
Operator end has a 40psi gauge with rubber protection boot.
Tyre valve and male Ryco quick connect.