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Drainchem offer a comprehensive line of Vaporooter products. Foaming herbicide users also have a choice of more than one foam application method from which to choose.

How roots grow in sewers

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The foam-filling application method fills the air space above the sewage flow where roots grow. Generally this method is used to foam-fill smaller lines. The foam-filling method allows for some treatment of lateral lines in the process.


The patented foam-coating application method is designed for foam-coating the internal sewer walls of smaller lines which have light root intrusions. It can also be used to coat larger diameter lines that are too closely to treat any other way.

Vaporooter Comes in 18.9 Litre Containers or at 10 x 1 Lt. bottles per case.

Advantages of Vaporooter

  • Vaporooter
  • products contain Dichlobenil 50W, an extremely small particle Wettable Powder, which provides the longest suspension and most uniform distribution available for the root inhibiting herbicide. Simply put, Vaporooter stays mixed longer, and provides proven more uniform and longer lasting root control.
  • Vaporooter has been used successfully by municipalities for control of roots in sewers for over 25 years.
  • Recognized by EPA as an effective root control method. According to EPA 600/2-77-017a, Vaporooter is "the acceptable method of chemical control" and "no other method of control approaches the effectiveness found in Vaporooter".
  • Training is provided by the manufacturer ( at no additional cost ) in the handling and effective use of all Vaporooter products and equipment.
  • All Vaporooter Foamaking™Equipment come with a color-coded control panel with instructions located on the unit for ease in operation.

Benefits of Vaporooter

  • Extends the life of collection systems.
  • Saves budget dollars.
  • Simplifies management tasks by reducing emergency calls.
  • Increases crew productivity.
  • Reduces blockages in the mains and service laterals, reducing citizen complaints and liability for sewer back-ups into homes.
  • Inhibits root regrowth for an average of three years.
  • Reduces infiltration, which causes treatment plant overloading.
  • Trees and shrubs are unharmed.