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Multi Global

Multi Global™ is a refinement of our very popular Global-series. The design of the Multi Global ™ sewer nozzle is similar to the Global series, but is larger, heavier, and includes stainless or ceramic replaceable jets. Each Multi Global ™ can be mounted with up to four front jets together with four or six rear jets (depending on thread size).
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The interchangeable stainless or ceramic jets allow the Multi Global ™ pipe cleaning nozzle series to be easily adapted to different pump capacities, and the jets can be configured as needed for specific pump setups. The operator decides what flow and pressure is appropriate, how many jets are needed, and how they are arranged.

Multi Global ™ sewer nozzle can be used on re-cycling  trucks.



Multi Global Specifications

Blockages, Storm


⅜”, ½”, Ύ”, 1″, Ό”, 1Ό”

For recyclers

For recycler

Type of jets

Ceramic jets, SS jets

Pipe Dimensions

40 – 400 mm (2″-16″)