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GOBLIN™ was the predecessor to the Jaws®. They became revolutionary in the market and are widely used today all over the world. Since then we have improved the GOBLIN™ Sewer Nozzle. GOBLIN™ has water bearing walls to ensure smooth water streams with less turbulence. By this construction the waters energy is kept until it becomes useful for cleaning the pipes. GOBLIN™ is about twice as effective as conventional nozzles with drilled interior.
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  • GOBLIN™ L has 10 exchangeable thrusting jets; half of them with 30 degrees angle and the other half with 15 degrees, to fit customers flush pumps and hose dimensions. There is also a front jet, which can be plugged when not used. GOBLIN™ L is made of quality stainless steel. Can be supplied with replaceable wear body.

GOBLIN™ L Specifications


Blockages, General cleaning, Grease


¾”, 1″, 1¼”

For recyclers

For recycler

Rear jets


Front jets


Pipe Dimensions

150 – 800 mm (6″-32″)