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Intruder Impact drilling cutter SB82

The Intruder is a low speed, high torque impact cutter designed for more sever blockages. When conventional cutters simply can’t cut it, consider the Intruder. Intruders have successfully been in use worldwide for over 20 years.

The machine is the most capable on the market due to its patented “Hydro-Torque” impact drill motor. It’s designed to work with today’s sewer pumps and does not require lubrication after use. So, whether you’ve got a pipe full of hardened concrete, stubborn chemical or mineral deposits, protruding taps or thick heavy root growth in large pipes, the Intruder is you best alternative.

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  • We can customize a variety of different cutting accessories as well as provide technical assistance for unusual problems thru a network of some of the most experienced people in the business.

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Intruder Impact drilling cutter SB82 Specifications

Weight 12 kg

Hard/middle hard deposits built from bottom, Mineral deposits, Protruding laterals


¾”, 1″

Pipe dimension

100-125 mm (4″-5″)

Water flow at 100 bar /1450 PSI

200 l/min (50 US GPM)

For recyclers

For recycler

No. of sleds


Max. working pressure

100 bar / 1450 PSI

Rear jets
Length (mm)

335 / 540