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"Blaster" Drain Jetting Skid

Best Drain Cleaner - The "Blaster" jetting skid has been designed as powerful drain cleaner for pipes up to 300mm in diameter. Using the reliability and power of a water cooled diesel to gearbox drive high performance Comet water pumps with matching sewer hose ensures the longest drains can be cleaned and cleared fast. 400 liters of on board water allows for cleaning independently of a water supply. This unit is available as a skid mount unit for mounting on your truck, Ute or 6x4 trailer.

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Key Features of Drain Cleaner

  • Heavy duty frame
  • Built in Australia for Aussie conditions
  • Italian made comet pump with gearbox drive
  • Choose the flow and pressure options that suit your requirements
  • High pressure un loader and safety valve
  • Twin high volume water inlet filters with see through surround
  • Water pressure gauge
  • Low water cut out switch
  • Float switch on fill hose
  • Aluminum high pressure hose reel
  • Comes standard with 4 way stainless steel roller guides manual winch
  • Hose feed in and out at 180 degrees
  • Reel lock and friction brake
  • Hose lengths from 60 to 120 metres
  • Hose size to suit your pump selection
  • Hose reel for water supply with 30 metres of ½" hose
  • 1500mm wash down lance with nozzle
  • 400 litre heavy duty poly water tank
  • Warthog controlled rotation nozzle to suit
  • Penetrator nozzle to suit

Best Drain Cleaner Engine

  • Kohler KDW 1404 4 cylinder water cooled diesel engine
  • Rated at 35HP@3600rpm
  • Operating at 3000 rpm to achieve max performance
  • Start panel with auto shut down on low oil and high temp
  • Heavy duty battery in weatherproof box with battery isolator
  • Hour Meter
  • E stop


The Blaster jetting skid is 1150mm x 1750mm and can drop into most 6x4 trailers. It can have for lift pockets or any adaptations you require.

Model Flow Pressure Hose size Hose length HP RPM
DCB5020 50 2000  1/2" 80 18 1750
DCB4225 42 2500  1/2" 80 18.5 1450
DCB3340 33 4000 3/8" 80 23 1450
DCB2736 27 3600 3/8" 80 16.5 1450
DCB2250 22 5000  1/4" 120 19 1450
DCB2273 22 7300   3/8" 30 27.9 1450

Hose Reel Upgrades available

  • 12 volt powered retraction.
  • 12 volt powered retraction with self guide hose feeder.
  • 12 volt powered retraction with self guide hose feeder.                   (with 100m capable remote control)
  • Lockage draw under the hose reel for nozzles or paper work.

The Blaster can also be supplied with full canopy and other requirements you may need.

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