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Vacuum Plates

Perform Vacuum Testing of Manholes with Vacuum Plates from Drainchem

You can rely on Drainchem as your source for vacuum plates and other manhole-testing equipment. For 15 years, we have been providing complete equipment solutions for plumbers, contractors, civil works professionals and others. The equipment we sell serves particular niche purposes in a reliable, quality-assured fashion.

When Should I Look for Vacuum Plates?

Vacuum testing is the process of testing for leaks or structural failures within a maintenance hole. Contractors performing this type of test will use specific equipment to create an air vacuum in the utility hole and then monitor vacuum pressure using a gauge. Vacuum plates, vacuum pumps and manhole test kits are the equipment needed for these test. Here are a few reasons to conduct a vacuum test:

Problems Drainchem Addresses Regarding the Vacuum Test Process

At Drainchem, we are here to provide everything you need for reliable maintenance hole testing. Here are a few of the ways in which we make this process easier:

Why Trust Drainchem Regarding Vacuum Plates and Other Manhole Testing Equipment

Ensuring the structural integrity of manholes is essential work, and itís work that we take seriously at Drainchem. With our 15-year track record, extensive product selection and status as a supplier for quality brands such as Venturi, we are the ideal place to shop for vacuum pumps, plates, test kits or other equipment associated with maintenance hole testing. Contact us today if you have any questions.