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Septic Drainer since 1953 Thousands of satisfied customers!/em>
cure hardpan soil conditions Septic Drainer was invented in 1953 by soil and wastewater experts in the labs of chevron-ortho.
before you replace a septic drain field try Septic Drainer Septic Drainer is designed to interact with the soil in your drain field and cure hardpan conditions.
septic drainer works in ways bacteria and enzymes can't Septic Drainer works in ways that biological products can't to restore drainage to septic drain fields even in clay soil.
thousands of satisfied customers  In a survey of Septic Drainer customers over 80% have reported that septic drainer helped or solved their septic drain field problem.
main ingredient is calcium polysulfide The main ingredient of Septic Drainer is a chemical, calcium polysulfide, it is not a bacteria or enzyme product.
before you replace a septic drain field try septic seep When you've been told it's time to replace your drain field try Septic Drainer first. it may save you thousands of dollars.

diagram of septic system and drain field
typical drain field design
90% of all septic system failures are due to failure of the soil in the drain field. drain field replacement can cost thousands of dollars!
The #1 cause of septic system failure occurs in the drain field.


The septic system in the average home, with two baths and three occupants will process over 340,000 litres of wastewater annually.

All of this wastewater passes through the septic tank, and into the drain field, where bacteria in the soil purifies the waste.

Problem 1  sodium in ordinary detergents, soaps, household cleaners, and water softeners causes clay particles in the soils to chemically bond.

Problem 2 grease and organic matter form a tar-like layer called the biomat. When the biomat grows too thick a waterproof barrier develops and absorption stops.

When soil absorption stops, soils flood. standing water may be seen on the surface of the drain field. water may back up into the tank and even into household plumbing. this is often the first sign of soil failure in your septic system.

Septic Drainer
can solve both of these problems!
Before you spend a lot of money replacing an expensive drain field, try Septic Drainer.
Septic Drainer is easy to apply to your septic system.

For normal working septic systems: use 2 litres every 6 months applied through the toilet, sink drain or convenient drain near the septic tank.

For sluggish septic systems: use 4 litres for the first treatment, then use 500 ml per week for the next 4 weeks, then use 250 ml per week.

Cesspools and seepage pits: use 2 litres for the first treatment, then 250 ml every 2 weeks per pit.

Restoring failed drain fields: in actual field experience, failed drain fields have been restored by applying Septic Drainer in greater quantities. good results have been obtained by applying 16 litres directly to the drain field soil as a shock treatment.

Septic Drainer is the choice of professionals

Our company has been using Septic Drainer for more than twenty years. we use it as a maintenance product as well as a treatment for failing drain fields. Many of our service calls come from home owners who are having problems with their septic systems backing up. Some of the time, pumping the septic tank solves the problem; however, if we have a drain field that is not accepting water, we always recommend treating it with Septic Drainer prior to pursuing a drain field replacement. Although Septic Drainer works best as a preventative maintenance item, we have been very successful in rejuvenating failed drain fields. the normal Septic Drainer treatment we recommend is to add 16 litres of Septic Drainer directly into the drain field line whether it be through a clean-out, distribution box, or directly through the outlet septic el. I have seen many failed drain fields open up and begin percolating again after this treatment. It doesn't always work, but it's worth a try if it might save our customers several thousand dollars.

peter dew, general manager
peninsula septic tank service
carmel valley, ca


"read what users of Septic Drainer have to say"
I love septic drainer, it saved us a lot of money, we were looking at having to replace our drainfield. after septic drainer, we are having no problems. 

michele b.
lake worth, fl
...please send whatever way you can, we used this before and it solved alllllllllllllllll my problems! please hurry!

thank you,
karen g.
delta junction, alaska

I 1st found Septic Drainer when i was looking for clues as to why my system was not "draining." called several local contractors and they all said it needed replacing...
I decided to try septic drainer using several gal. to see if it was a soil prob.... it worked!!! that was about 3 yrs ago... i have used it twice a year as directed ever since...not a problem since... in fact, in just a few months, it will be time for another treatment...

gary w
santa fe, tx

My septic tank backed up into the house. I called a septic service company and had the tank pumped out. They also checked the drain field and said nothing could be done except to dig and see what the problem was with the drain field and immediate cost would be very high. i put everything on hold and searched the web for advice. first i used a very expensive powder with no result. then I used septic drainer, as per instruction and within a day the system was working. it's been a month, although at first we were being careful not to over load the system we are now back to normal. use my name if you wish as i recommend this product to my friends and neighbors.

ruben g
kelseyville ca
I just wanted to say that i thought septic drainer had about a 1/1,000,000 chance of fixing my septic problem and was some sort of scam, but thankfully I took the risk and I can't believe it, but it worked like a charm! I bought my house in oct. 2003 only to find out that it had a major septic problem. whenever it even rained a little, surface water would backflow into my tank and fill it to the top. I spent many dollars in 6 months pumping my septic and using a portable toilet to get by. then, before having a holding tank installed I tried septic drainer as a last resort. I put 8 litres into the d box and vent pipe and. Now my system works excellent, even after 3-4 inches of rain.

matt g.
neenah, wi.

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