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Restoring Septic System Drain Fields

Restoring Failed Drain Fields:
Failed drain fields have been restored by applying Septic Drainer in greater quantities. Good results have been obtained by applying 16 litres directly to the drain field soil as a shock treatment. Septic Drainer should be applied through a distribution box or cleanout directly to the drain field, bypassing the septic tank. Have the tank pumped the day you intend to apply Septic Drainer. All standing water should be pumped from the drain field if possible. You may have to dig below the surface of the soil to find your distribution box. If you do not have, or cannot find, a distribution box or cleanout directly to the drain field, the product may be applied through the outlet of the septic tank using a funnel with a length of old garden hose attached. Place the end of the hose in the septic tank outlet and pour all 16 litres through the funnel. Follow the application with enough clear water (up to 200 litres) to flush the product deeper into the field.

WARNING: Septic tanks can be hazardous. Noxious gases collect in the top of the tank, and tank contents pose a health hazard. We recommend hiring a licensed professional septic service technician if application must be done through the tank outlet.

PLEASE NOTE: Some septic tanks have a ďTĒ outlet, or baffle installed on the outlet to reduce the amount of solids flowing to the drain field. These types of systems may prevent accessing the outlet in this way. If it is not possible to access the tank outlet, or use any other method of direct drain field application the product may be applied through a toilet or drain. Although not as effective as a shock treatment applied directly to the soil, application in this manner will help restore drain field soil. Septic Drainer has been shown to be effective in solutions as dilute as 1 part per 1,000.

Septic Drainer has been used successfully for over 50 years, but due to the wide range of contributing factors that may cause drain field failure, we cannot guarantee the effectiveness of Septic Drainer.

We want you to know the truth. We donít claim that Septic Drainer will solve everyone's septic system problems. If you havenít had your septic tank pumped in 20 years your problem is probably beyond the scope of what Septic Drainer can do. The best results can be obtained when Septic Drainer is applied to soil that has a high clay content. If you donít know what kind of soil you have read the "Signs of Septic System Failure" page on this web site.

The bottom line is: if your septic system drain field is failing, you have several choices you can make ranging from an expensive total replacement to trying a product like Septic Drainer. It may not work, but it probably will, isnít it worth a try? We know there are other companies who offer guarantees on their products, but please read the fine print, know what is being guaranteed. Will they take responsibility if your drain field is damaged by their product's use?

We know that our product has not damaged a drain field in over 50 years of use. Additionally, we guarantee that we are bringing you a high quality product with a track record we can be proud of.

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase. Before ordering make sure your plumbing is intact, and that there is no root intrusion. If you're having a problem with your system, check out the possibilities, then order Septic Drainer.



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