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SEPTIC Drainer is

  • a soil amendment. It contains calcium polysulphide which helps relieve nonporous "hardpan" soil conditions.

  • able to disperse solid clogging greases and scums allowing wastewater to Drainer through soil pores.

  • proven to work. It has been used by thousands of homeowners to maintain and restore septic system drain fields.

  • a development made in 1953 at the Chevron ORTHO laboratories by soil and wastewater experts.

SEPTIC Drainer is not

  • a biological agent, bacteria, enzyme, or activator.

  • a septic tank cleaner.

  • able to eliminate the need to have your tank pumped. Products claiming that you will never have to pump your tank are making inaccurate statements.

  • a tank additive, although it can be applied through the septic tank by flushing it down a toilet.

  • a caustic chemical, it will not harm the beneficial bacteria existing in your septic system.