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I ordered 12 litres to try because we had a spot in our drain field where sewage was coming up in the yard.
The day I ordered Septic drainer, I also called and had the septic tank cleaned that day. The septic tank had been cleaned only a few months before. But I did as you suggested and had it done again. My husband put all 12 litres in the tank directly the day they were delivered. Well since we put Septic drainer in we have had nothing but rain here in Indiana the whole month of May, but guess what. It is still raining big-time and yet the few dry days we have had we noticed the spot where the sewage was coming up out of the ground has dried up. To tell you the truth, when I ordered this product I figured I might be wasting my money.

Well it worked for us even in a terribly unusual bout with rain here so in a couple of months I'll be ordering again.

I am still amazed and hardly believe it worked. But Septic drainer did work and saved us thousands of dollars.

Carolyn Y.
Clayton, IN

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Our drain field was failing. After using 16 litres of Septic drainer, we again have a free-flowing system.
Our house sits in clay. Dark, heavy, hard to dig clay. This is our fourth drain field in 21 years. We had our tank pumped in February. That worked for a while. Then our sewer really backed up. I really didn't want to have to dig again!

So I went to the web. It has saved me before, I was hoping it could do it again.

I printed it out and read it. It really sounded too good to be true. We have tried many products that have promised to keep our waste products flowing away from our house. Nothing worked. When I ordered Septic drainer, I thought: What do I have to lose. Try this or have a new drain field dug. Last time, that cost us a heap of money.

I ordered 20 litres of Septic drainer on March 31st. The order arrived on April 6th. My husband used 16 litres right away. Since we have no distribution box, cleanout or tank outlet that was easy to get to, we poured it right down the toilet. Within 24 hours, our system was running better than it had in a year. Now, on April 19th, I can thankfully say, that we have no standing water in the back yard, no scent of sewer and every drain in our home runs free.

I certainly will keep using Septic drainer on a maintenance basis. I strongly recommend this product to all of those with a failing drain field.

Thank you for providing a very satisfactory product.

Lynda V.
Grand Rapids, MI
I used Septic drainer for a very sluggish drain field (a home septic system, originally built in the 60's)
The system is now working quite well, so I'm quite happy with the results!

Fred B
Malibu, CA

Oh yes!!!!
Septic drainer is an answer to prayer. We built our house just six years ago here in Florida. A short three years later, the drain field became saturated and the drains would backup in the house. We were told many different things by the septic companies. They said the drain field needed to be replaced. Another one offered to bring in machinery to punch holes in the drain field. Instead we had the tank pumped and crossed our fingers. Pumping the tank was a temporary fix for a year and a half. This past December, we noticed the grass in the front yard dying again, weeds sprouting, and huge wet algae spots. The soil was mushy and wet. This time we opted for Septic drainer. I had visited the web site before and decided to order 8 litres. Well, the rest is history. The drain field is percolating properly, and we are now resodding the yard. This stuff is amazing! We live in a neighbourhood were all 17,000 residents have septic systems. I am telling everyone I know about Septic drainer when the topic arises.

I will be ordering another 4 litres in a week or so.

Kenneth and Marilyn F.
Port St. John, Florida

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A year ago,,, I was lookin at a huge bill for a new system.. then I ran across Septic drainer.. I know you can't guarantee that it will fix every problem, everytime.. but I still have my money.

Ok,, so maybe it has gone to my daughter's college expenses,,, BUT thanks to Septic drainer,,,, I had it.. I firmly believe it opened up my system and saved me the cost of a new one.... I started using it twice a year for maintenance, and have had no troubles at all..In fact, it's almost time for me to order some more... It's a great product....

Kileen TX
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My first application was 16 litres at once to shock the system. The septic tank was pumped two weeks prior to treatment. During that two weeks we conserved water in every way. Laundry was taken out to a laundromat, toilets flushed only when soiled and short showers (3 to 4 people ) were spaced at least two hours apart. At the worst point, our system wouldn't support a large load of laundry without causing the downstairs toilet to gurgle and flood. Septic drainer combined with some conservation efforts has worked miracles. The gurgling and flooding toilet has stopped. We are gradually getting back to normal. My laundry restrictions permit loads to be done at three hour intervals with no more than three loads a day. The toilets are flushed more regularly although we have reduced the quantity of water held in the toilet tank. Showers are taken whenever washing machine or dishwasher are not in use. We are almost back to normal. I had agonized over what to do about my drainfield problem. I researched the Web making countless searches. I was amazed to learn about the many things we pour down the drain that are harmful to drainfields. I can't begin to tell you how delighted I am with the results from this product. Septic drainer works!

Please feel free to use my experience.
Thank you.

Dorothy L.
Ganesvoort, NY
My leach lines are very old and did not effectively work. Septic drainer has worked to some degree . I would recommend it, I wish I had used it 2 years ago. Eventually I'm going to have to bite the bullet and get new lines, but this stuff has bought me some time. I am impressed.

Jerry R.

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Septic drainer appears to work as advertised. We have been having septic backups for a couple of years now and have had our tank pumped 3 times since last October. In July, Indiana had very heavy rains and it backed up again. After pumping, I did some research and ordered your product. It took some doings but I found the 2nd opening in the tank and applied Septic drainer to a tank that was really about to back up again. The next day I lifted the lid and water appeared to be flowing normally.

The first week of September, about a month after applying Septic drainer, Indiana had record rainfall again. We had more water standing in our yard than I’ve seen in the 30 years we’ve lived here. But to our surprise, the septic did not back up! Hasn’t backed up since and we’re crossing our fingers that our problem has been solved.

Pete J.
McCordsville, IN

Septic drainer did exactly what i needed it to do. it dried up my leach field.This is the second time i've used it to help my leach field.This is a good product and I would recommend it to anyone.

Robert R
Wheeling, WV

I bought a house with an existing 25 year old system. I had an inspection done and was told that the drain field was probably at the end of it's useful life. I poured 12 litres down a cleanout between the tank and the drain field. I then put the other 4 litres down three different drains in the house. I have not taken the time to look in the clean out and see if there was still a "backflow" from the field. This was what the inspector said was a big factor in the guesstamate that the field was "end of life".  So far, so good. I haven't had a drain back up or any other indication of trouble with the system to date.

Mark B.
Austin, TX

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I sent this as a gift to someone. They were extremely pleased with the results as they were having a serious problem and Septic drainer cleared up the problem before they had to dig up their entire yard.

Vicki M.
Septic drainer did work exceptionally well. I originally ordered 8 litres but I only needed to use 4 litres before I noticed a BIG difference. I had some standing water above ground along my number 4 lateral line. I poured half of the Septic drainer into the inspection tube at the top of the number 4 lateral and I sprayed the other 2 litres onto the standing water. The next day the standing water had soaked back into the soil and after 3 months I haven't had anymore problems.

Jim H
DeSoto, MO

I just wanted to say that I thought Septic drainer had about a 1/1,000,000 chance of fixing my septic problem and was some sort of scam, but thankfully I took the risk and I can't believe it, but it worked like a charm! I bought my house in Oct. 2003 only to find out that it had a MAJOR septic problem. Whenever it even rained a little, surface water would backflow into my tank and fill it to the top. Then, before having a holding tank installed I tried Septic drainer as a last resort. I put 8 litres into the D box and vent pipe and. Now my system works excellent, even after 18 mm of rain.


Matt G.
Neenah, WI.
We had water coming up when we washed clothes. We used 16 litres of Septic drainer in our second tank.

Since then, we've had no water coming up even with company and all the showers involved.

Gus B.
Brownsboro TX
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The product has worked wonderfully!!! We had both root and soil issues and had two septic companies come out and quote us thousands to replace failed drain fields. We first cleared the roots with a root killer and three weeks later put Septic drainer into the direct feed cap. The grass over the drain fields is returning and so far we have had no further backups after having to have the tank drained twice in a month. We plan to purchase more of Septic drainer to keep the system on a regular maintenance cycle.

Bill & Carol K.
Tallahassee, FL

Septic drainer did seem to perform as promised. We can see 2 of our drain field lines (so far) opening up.

We applied Septic drainer by flushing 2 litres down a toilet the first time, followed a few weeks later by 500 ml. We're still applying every 2-4 weeks. The field lines are looking better as time goes on.

We would absolutely recommend Septic drainer to our neighbours. In our county, the plumbing code has just changed. Had Septic drainer or another remedy not worked we would have had to install an entirely new and different septic system.

Sign us off satisfied!
Butch & Laura H
Weatherford, TX
I had a completely plugged drain field. After applying 8 litres. of Septic drainer the drain field was able to absorb our household usage. After 12 litres. it absorbs more than our needs. I applied it through a hose attempting to disperse it equally through the drain field .

I have recommended it to my neighbour who has a similar problem.

Bill W
Coleman, TX
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The following appeared in the Bainbridge Review letters to the editor:

Keep Septics Working Now
Maybe an expanded sewer system is the best long term solution to the failed drainfield problem, but in the meantime let me suggest a product called Septic drainer. I've used it on my formerly sluggish drainfield, and it worked as advertised. According to the manufacturer when the sodium contained in soaps and detergents contacts clay in the soil it causes the clay particles to bond into a watertight layer. The manufacturer claims that Septic drainer dissolves this layer, allowing the drainfield to perk again.

I have no financial interest of any kind in this product or in the parent company.

Frank O.
Bainbridge Island, WA

This product performs as advertised! I have a 10 year old septic system and I discharged my water softener into my septic, stupid I know!, because I didn't know it was harmful to my drain field. After using Septic drainer, as recommended on the product, 2 litre then 500 ml a week for several weeks and now I use 250 ml weekly things seem to be working well. I notice my holding tank is no longer backing up and we are in the throws of a wet and cold winter.

I recommended this product to my neighbour after I helped him pass the water softener from the septic system.

Dirk S.
Middletown, DE
I found this product on the web. My husband and I were beside ourselves. Our drywell was failing miserably. Every time I did a load of laundry it would back up in the basement through the drains. We thought we'd give your product a chance, our last ditch effort before spending thousands on a new field system. We have used 8 litres and what a difference. I can now do one load in the morning and one at night. I am so happy I found this product. I'm ordering 4 more litres for maintenance.

Tami S.
Osceola, IN

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